Collect applications with video pitch

Video pitch lets you know more about your startups than just their pitch deck.
With video pitches, you will learn more about:
Their motivation to your program
The most important and necessary things you need about their project
Their softskill (pitch skill, communication skill, English level..)
“Collected video pitches help you evaluate startups more precisely”
How it works
Create a new project and get your recording page
Connect it with your website and collect applications with video pitches
Evaluate them on your dashboard directly

Create your unique recording page in 3 seconds

You can set your brand logo and brand color on your recording page

Easy to connect the recording page to your website

As the recording page is opened with any popular web browser, you don’t need any API or downloading other applications to integrate it with your website.

Set evaluation forms and share them with your partner

Your Google Forms are easily to be embedded to the video view page. You just need to copy and paste the embedded link to the project setting.
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