Organize online event with video pitch

Pre-recorded video pitches make you more confident in your online event
Pre-recorded video pitches let your online events:
Avoid internet connection problems
Keep sophisticated, checking the contents beforehand
More global, adding foreign subtitles.
“Video pitches collected in a unified format make it easy to create online event “

Create online event with video pitch

Collect video pitches from your speakers
Video pitches can be used on any event streaming platform (Youtube, Zoom, etc)
Create post-event materials with video pitch
Pitch & Q&A
The usual format for online pitch events.
It can be streamed on any video conference platform such as Zoom, Teams, and also any webinar or virtual conference platform.

As there are beautiful video switching features, we often organize this type of event on demio platform.
Video pitches can be used for:
“Fake” live event is a pre-recorded and masterfully edited live event streaming, which gives the audience more rich user experience.

Despite the video materials being pre-recorded,
the event is held at a certain date and time like
an online live event.

As videos are collected in a unified format,
they are easy to edit for “Fake” live event!
"Fake" live event
(Full streaming)

Post-event materials with video pitch

With video pitch, your online event will be transformed into your digital assets

Your dashboard - Your startups’ video pitch catalog

To create a video pitch catalog with your startups, it is needed only to upload your logo and set your brand color.

Easy to share both a project and each video pitch

You can choose how to share your video pitches with your partners - per a project or a single video pitch.
You just need to copy the link and send it!
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