What is a video pitch? What is the difference from offline pitch?

What is a video pitch? 
Video pitch is a recording of your presentation - both the speaker window and pitch deck slides.

In recent years, the startup industry is demanding more and more pitch videos. According to the F6S, more than 30% of the European acceleration programs require the startup to provide a video for their application. 

Among global accelerators, video is required for the application to Y Combinator, Techstars, Angelpad, and Alchemist.

What is the difference from offline pitch?
There are significant differences between the online and offline pitch. To create a great pitch video, first of all, let’s take a look at the main gaps between them.

1.Screen Size 
Your computer screen size is significantly smaller than the screen you previously showed during your pitch offline. People hardly read texts on your slides if they are smaller than 14px.

2.Audience gaze control
In an online presentation, you can't point to your audience where to look at, unlike an offline presentation. Video pitch should require fewer elements per slide and a simpler order of placement of elements (texts, icons, pictures) on the slide.

3.Facial Display Restriction
On a computer screen, the display of your face and body is severely limited. This means that you do not make full use of the facial expressions and gestures that greatly affect communication with people. Because of it, sound - your voice - plays an important role for video pitching.

4.Time Control
When people are watching your online performance, there are a lot of distractions around it. It's much harder to keep your audience's attention on your pitch than it is offline. So, your presentation has to stay within the time limit.

Transferring your pitch from offline to online may change your pitch deck design and the tactics of your pitch. If you’re interested in other startup pitch videos, you can watch them here.

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