9 tips for your best pitch video

A good pitch video will keep your audience's attention. Unlike an offline pitch, your audience can watch your pitch video while eating hamburgers and playing with their children.

According to a study performed by Microsoft, people's attention spans are decreasing every year. In 2015, the average attention span of a human was only 8 seconds!

So, you need to make sure nothing is distracting in your video pitch! Below are 9 tips to improve it.

Position in the frame, Light, Background
Your video pitch shows your face much less than your offline pitch. So, it's worthwhile to pay attention to how you look in your video.

Make sure you: 
1.Sit in the middle of the webcam 
2.Sit in a well-lit room, facing a window 
3.Choose a photogenic location or monotone backdrop in your apartment or office

Within a small screen, your gestures can hardly be seen by your audience. Your voice is the main tool you can use to communicate your idea!

Therefore, you need to: 
4.Sit in a quiet area in your apartment or office 
5.Set your smart devices to silent mode 
6.Use an external microphone: headset, lavalier microphone

*When using wireless earphones with microphones, be careful. Sometimes you do not know the battery is running low.

Slide Design
Because you cannot point to the slides in an online pitch (you can't control the audience's gaze), your presentation slides should be as clear and easy to understand as possible.

Make sure you have:
7.Slides with as little text as possible
8.Charts that are clear and comprehensible
9.Space available for the speaker's window

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